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“Doing It For The Money” is the new CD released by Tom Gossett.  If your listening pleasure consists of a mixture of Blues, Alternate Country, and Techno, this CD is for you.
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"It's Never Too Late” is the first CD released by Tom Gossett.  each track on this CD covers a range of genres including Country, Honky Tonk, Folk, Rhythm & Blues, and Bluegrass.
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Tom Gossett is an Indie, Singer/Songwriter, and recording artist based in the Central Texas area.  His style encompasses The Blues,  Country,  Folk,  and sometimes a little Techno.  The majority of his song list is original material, but he will throw in a cover or two if requested.  Tom performs live mainly with an acoustic guitar and vocals, but his recordings will include a full instrumental arrangement. Check out the videos and CD samples through out the website and enjoy.